Dominant Nature 1.jpg

I'm Isla Deep. Elven goddess and viking queen from the Northern forests. Petite but strong, my frame towers above you as you quiver in fear and ecstasy. My touch is like iron dipped in honey, strong yet sweet at once. I am a divine sensual creature and my expertise lies in combining pleasure with pain. I will lead you through the thickets of your imagination, the deep dark forest of your lust. As your savage guide I will take you on an exploration of your edges and beyond. If you please me you will get the pleasure of sharing my smile and my laugh. I am after all very playful at my core.

BDSM is for me first and foremost a sensory experience, a trip, a kind of transcendence - where pleasure, pain, humiliation and freedom are deeply intertwined. This is why I enjoy combining elements of domination with sensual practices. We can go soft and we can go hard.

I am a shapeshifter, a witch with many faces. My petite frame and sweet face can be deceptive, for beneath I have a cruel streak. I know my power and understand how to use it, reading your needs and desires, translating them into a wicked game. It brings me great joy to craft a session which explores your edges and provides you with pleasures you did not expect.

Whatever our encounter should look like, bear in mind that I am your Goddess. I expect to be treated with grace and respect and will accept nothing less.

Do you dare to play with me?

x Isla Deep